2 thoughts on “0 – Make First Contact with Mike and Wendy, Your Haunted Hosts to the Weird Reality Between Paranormal Activity and Pop Culture”

  1. The entire podcast is amazing, which is to be expected from Sunspot
    and how they put it all together. The concept is unique and tries to
    say that we don’t know a lot about us nor our universe. The banter
    between Mike and Wendy is fun and represents our confusion about what it means to be human, or nonhuman, politics, and the paranormal
    that is subliminal and some of us including myself have had unexplained experiences. It would be fun to have Sunspot do music for the old Twilight Zone TV show (Rod Serling). Congrats again.

    1. Hi Ned, thank you so much for your kind comments! We really appreciate it and it’s great that you “get” what we are going for here.

      The Twightlight Zone idea is a great suggestion, we’ll add it to our list for a future episode! 🙂

      Thanks again for listening and for the feedback!

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